Business Recovery & Turnaround Services

The most important thing is this: don’t leave it too late to seek out help.

There are more options than you think and if you seek out help early enough, we can save viable businesses, inject working capital and even have a complete turnaround of fortune.

How can we help?

There are numerous circumstances in which your business may need to go through a business recovery or turnaround process:



Perhaps your current team are not performing and you need an independent party to complete a business review. We are not only able to provide a business review but we can also set out what we believe is working within your business, and why, but more importantly, what we feel is not; we can then help you to produce a plan of action to implement the changes you wish to make


In any modern business, it is essential to have a tight rein on your numbers. If your numbers are not accurate, and you are not receiving Management Information fit for purpose, you will not be able to know with any certainty how your business is actually performing

Creditors / suppliers / funders

One of the most common issues is pressure from suppliers or your bank. Some firms separate Creditors and Suppliers away from funders (your bank), but in reality your creditors/suppliers are your bank if you are not paying them within your agreed credit terms. If creditors are not being paid within their terms, ultimately they can pursue you through the Court for recovery of the money that is owed to them


No truer phrase has been said in business than, Cash Is King. Your business may be profitable on paper but if you cannot get from 1 month to the next due to cashflow restrictions, then it doesn’t matter how good your bottom line looks, you’ll never see it

This list is not exhaustive, but these are the main problems you are likely to encounter when running a business.


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